Thursday, November 8, 2012

Udder Comfort, Slurry Inoculant and More!

Hi everyone,

This week we've added some great new products to our range of over 700 items and we've some interesting special offers we're sure you'll want to buy before stocks run out!

Just click on the images or the links and you'll be brought straight to Ireland's Biggest and Best Online Farm Products Store.

First off we have Udder Comfort.

Udder Comfort softens and soothes hard quarters and tender udders after calving.
One farmer who was testing it out for us, reported that after spraying it on a cow in the evening, the next day the udder was back to normal.
The Yellow Spray is designed for use in organic production with a natural tumeric yellow colour, it includes a natural blend of essential oils.

CLICK HERE to buy Udder Comfort 500ml for your herd of milkers.

Another new product we added this week is Slurry Inoculant 1kg

This product is a blend of naturally occurring bacteria with added enzymes, designed to overcome problems associated with slurry storage.
Simply add the product when the tank is 1/3 full and give a quick agitation.

Leave for 12 weeks and then spread.
* Liquefies slurry for easier management.
* Increases Nitrogen retention.
* Reduces agitation, pumping & spreading times.
* Reduces fibrous crust formation.
* Reduces odours and emissions.
* Reduces leaf contamination by slurry solids.
* Better slurry & nutrient distribution.
 1Kg of Slurry Inoculant will treat 200,000 litres of slurry. 
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Colm Burke

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